What Makes a Hero

The hero of a story is defined by the actions he or she takes in extraordinary situations. A hero is a human being or a main imaginary character who, against odds, overcome adversity by acts of courage, ingenuity or strength. Unlike other term that only pertains to men, hero usually refers to any male, although hero only refers to female in media that depict women as the hero. The heroes are usually depicted as a normal person but have special qualities that set them apart from the rest of the crowd. For instance, Superman is not just a strong man who can fly but has an intellect and personality that most humans could never possess.

There are different types of heroes in literature. The first is the ideal hero, also known as the hero archetype. These heroes are very brave, selfless and are usually very good at helping others. They have a wide range of emotions including love, hatred, fear, admiration, and hope. The second type of hero is the dependent hero, which is dependent upon others for their personal happiness and safety.

The third type of hero is the rescuer or the fighter. These heroes are not only brave but are also skilled at arms and in using tactics to protect those they care about. They are leaders and are usually very resourceful. The last type of hero is the warrior or the villain. These heroes are not only brave but are also evil, malicious and are masters of destruction. The last five are more similar to each other, with the exception of Batman’s emphasis on fighting.

The characteristics listed above are what make a hero. Of course, not every one of these characteristics are present in everyone, so some may fall short. It is important to note that, while everyone can be a hero, it is not necessary for a hero to have super powers. A hero can only be a hero if he or she experiences great acts of bravery. Without these acts of bravery, it would be impossible for a hero to be a hero. It also helps to be in touch with one’s inner strength as it helps to keep one grounded and inspired through the trials of everyday life.

What makes a hero can vary from person to person. However, a hero must have certain qualities, such as respect, trustworthiness, love, and courage. The willingness to help and the ability to sacrifice oneself for others are other important traits. There are many definitions on what constitutes heroism. One thing that many people agree on though is that real-life heroes have certain traits that make them different from other people.

There are many theories on what constitutes heroism. Some researchers suggest that being a hero isn’t something that can just happen, since most of the characteristics listed above are traits that depend on situations and the individuals involved. Another theory on heroic behavior suggests that heroes have a subconscious desire to be appreciated, which may be why they go out of their way to do dangerous activities or risk their lives to save others.

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