A hero is basically a normal human being or a main fictional characters who, in the face of insurmountable odds, compels himself or herself to do extraordinary acts of bravery, courage, or ingenuity. Like many previously only gender-specific words, the hero has been used to describe any gender, although hero only seems to apply to girls. In popular culture, boys are regularly depicted as being super hero heroes and hero movies and television shows regularly show that super hero as the epitome of strength, determination, and courage. Although boys and girls are equally capable of heroism, the former seem to have been given more heroic attributes over the years.


Most teenagers and children identify with these roles that are commonly seen in films and comic books and identify with a character that inspires them. They want to be like their heroes and aspire to become like their heroes. The concept of being a hero for most children comes from seeing heroes as role models for various aspects of their lives. Boys love to imitate their heroes and fantasize about being one of their heroes. Girls tend to view superheroes as romantic and powerful, but they also see heroes as being flawed and needing to struggle against obstacles.

A hero is described by virtue of some inner quality or personality trait that inspires them to undertake extraordinary acts. Heroes are bold, confident, courageous, and above all, they have self-discipline. Having such a trait makes a hero capable of dealing with any challenge that they might encounter in life. Although most of us would prefer to think of a hero as having all of these traits, the reality is that they develop and grow and change over the course of their lives.

Just as we would classify different levels of difficulty and the characteristics needed to overcome them, heroes have various levels of ability and courage. A level of courage is defined as being fearless. Most of us only consider ourselves to be brave if we are prepared to take risks, jump obstacles, and put ourselves in harm’s way. However, a true hero has the courage to be unafraid and continue on despite all odds.

A hero must have the strength of heroics, the courage to put themselves in dangerous situations, and the skill to creatively overcome adversity and hardship. This is one of the most important ingredients that make up real life heroes. No matter how superior or skillful a person may be, if they lack the courage to truly be a hero, they are no good at all. Creativity and the courage to creatively overcome adversity make up another important ingredient to our definition of a heroic imagination.

Real heroes do not only face danger or hardship, they also think of ways to conquer it and become stronger for the experience. In fact, we often compare heroes to superheroes because both require immense strength of character and courage to keep going when everyone else was running away from trouble. Creativity, the courage to be unafraid, and the strength of character to continue on regardless of the hardships that come their way, makes all these traits in a real hero. So don’t pass them up, as you might be missing out on the greatest adventure of your life!

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