Art is an expansive category of human activities related to visual creativity, physical dexterity, aesthetic beauty, imaginative power, or emotional strength. It includes all those arts, including music, literature, dance, architecture, paintings, sculpture, and other visual works. In the broadest sense, the art can be defined as the process of creating something beautiful through the use of human attention, materials, and skills. Such an activity takes its shape according to the culture and time. Nevertheless, art continues to exist throughout history. It has been present since the earliest civilizations and developed in different societies during different historical periods.


Art has taken various forms and has come into focus and prominence through the centuries. Leonardo da Vinci is attributed to be the first person to use the concept of art. In the thirteenth century, the Renaissance began a new era for the art, which gave rise to academies, universities, and art colleges. In Europe, the “age of art” began with the development of the Dutch Golden Age, which launched the careers of artists such as Rembrandt, whom were later followed by Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, and Baroque artists. In the later half of the seventeenth to the mid-eighteen hundreds, the term “arte et minne” began to be used to define new art practices.

From this period, art moved away from the public’s eye and towards the exclusive circles of the elite. However, in the early modern era, the art began to be discussed and written as a form of public communication. This was the age of the artiste, who portrayed people, places, and events in unique and inventive ways. The impact of modern art had a profound effect on the art – on the creation and on the appreciation of art.

Today, art is not just about painting, drawing, and sculptures. As art continues to develop technologically, it has also become more abstract and digital in nature. Photography, film, and computer technology have made possible the manifestation of art on a much larger scale. For example, a photograph or filmstrip can represent an entire piece of artwork. The Internet allows for the sharing of images and paintings online.

Today, art galleries are an important part of our community. Art galleries are places where people come to view new and different works of art by different artists. These art galleries usually exhibit works of art by unknown or emerging artists. People who are not art enthusiasts can also visit art galleries to view contemporary works by well-known and emerging artists. Some galleries even display works by famous and renowned artists, both for general viewing and to encourage new talent.

The world of art has changed tremendously over the past few decades. Previously unknown artists and painters have been recognized as well-known and respected contemporary artists in today’s society. Artists like Andy Warhol and Youssouline Becheure have created some of the most recognized works in the history of modern art. Some of these artists have gone on to create works that are still highly regarded in the art world.

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