A hero is an upright and honest person who, faced with adversity, fights adversity by overcoming feats of strength, courage, or ingenuity. Like many formerly only gender-defined words, the hero has been increasingly used to describe any gender, although hero only seems to apply to girls. For example, boys such as James Dean, who was famous for his heroics in Hollywood as a motorcycle rider and actor; George Bailey, a.k.a. Texas Ranger; or Lance Armstrong, who is popularly recognized as the athlete known as “Lance,” are commonly considered heroes by the public at large.


However, there are also many heroes throughout history that are not easily categorized by gender. Take, for example, the hero Achilles, who though he was a Greek hero, fell in love with a woman named Paris. He deserted his country and returned home to marry her, thereby dishonoring his sworn duty to fight in defense of Greece. Although there are arguments that say Achilles in fact loved his country, it is more accepted that the Greeks regarded him as a hero because he willingly deserted his country.

Then there is the hero Valuable. This could be defined as a priceless thing. Valuable is something of value that is of great importance to others. It can be a possession, jewelry, a skill, etc.

Another hero that is frequently confused with a hero is the villain. Villain is another word for rogue or foe. The difference between a villain and a hero is that the villain tries to do as bad a job as possible while the hero tries to do something good. Villains can only be defeated by a good fighter or a mixture of good fighters and enough good fighters, to take down the villain himself.

So, what about these heroes that we observe on television and in the movies? What are their common characteristics? What makes a hero out of them? The truth is that all humans share some of the same characteristics. The above characteristics apply to all humans, not just heroes.

In conclusion, heroes are human exceptional individuals who have traits that make them special. These traits are what make them stand apart from everyone else. It is part of their nature. These are the traits that make a hero out of everyone else. Please consider this in 2021.

A hero must have confidence in his own capabilities. He must also be unafraid to try something new and different. A hero is someone who gives things a shot. He is someone who takes chances. A hero is always willing to learn new things.

Are there any questions left about what makes a hero? I believe so. However, I also think you should consider this innerspring character theory. You should consider what traits and attributes of a hero has and combine those traits with the traits and attributes of a villain to create a hero that is truly great. Then he is a hero in your book.

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