The Types of Art That Are Available Online

Art is a broad spectrum of human activities including creative imagination to demonstrate physical skill, beauty, emotion, or other emotional strength, to communicate technical skill, beauty, or other intellectual superiority. It includes a number of artistic practices including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and other decorative arts. Art is used to represent the human subject and is perceived in different contexts and forms according to the intention of the artist. Some of the important types of art include art painting, sculpture, and printmaking.


Art has three categories, including objective art which includes paintings, sculptures, and other decorative arts; subjective art including some written works; and hybrid art, which are an artistic production which combines the elements of various categories of art. The importance of art education and exposure to different styles of art can greatly enhance one’s creative mind and reduce frustration and fear of failing in one’s artistic performances. However, one should not expect to be to be an exact science that would reveal all secrets.

Visual art – refers to visual arts such as art paintings, sculptures, and other decorative arts. Art is typically represented by using objects to create a three-dimensional (3D) version of the work. For instance, art paintings can be viewed from all angles because the paints are thick enough and can cover the entire surface of the art piece, whereas other forms of art such as sculptures are normally two-dimensional (on a flat surface).

Visual art can be classified into two main sub-divisions. Realism depicts traditional artistic style and includes paintings that are realistic in nature. This type of decorative art often employs repetition and color to create a realistic and art-like visual experience. Inspired by Pop art and the American jazz scene, non-realistic artists frequently create images that are visually appealing and which do not resemble anything that has been produced before. Examples of this sub-division include impressionism, cubism, pop, abstract, fauvism, and fine art.

Non-representational or objectivist art includes paintings that do not attempt to depict anything in particular. Some examples include Dadaism, surrealism, and cubism. Impressionism is an artistic style that includes paintings that are heavily filled with colors and that have a feeling of being drawn across the viewer’s mind. Aesthetic works that fall under the category of non-representational art are usually intended to strike a chord or to stimulate an emotional response. Some of the most famous works by such artists include Mona Lisa, Pablo Picasso, and Georges Braque.

One should not feel limited to the above three categories of art when searching for contemporary fine art online. Many talented and skilled artists exist who would be more than qualified to paint a masterpiece for your living room or office. Visit gallery websites to learn more about the exciting world of contemporary fine art. Do not be afraid to take some risks and do not be afraid to challenge yourself and your favorite artists with new and different works.

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