Art is any kind of physical human activity which involves an intention to create beauty, artistic perception, mental skill, aesthetic sensibility, or emotional strength, and an attempt to express some aesthetic quality, skill, beauty or emotion. An important feature of art is its ability to affect the audience and to be perceived by them in a special way. It is not merely an object made to be appreciated. Rather it has a language of its own, with particular meanings, connotations, and often images, which make communication difficult.


There are many forms of art, including paintings, sculptures, photographic art, architecture, literature and music. Each of these has its own characteristic, which is important for understanding. However, when we talk of art we generally refer to visual art, which includes art produced with the use of the visual media such as sight, hearing, touch, and taste.

The word ‘art’ is usually used in relation to a single creative art figure, like a painting, a sculpture, or a photograph. However, art can be performed by many different people in many different ways, each trying to create a different result. For instance, choreographers produce dance work using very different methods and materials than classical performers use in their performances. Similarly, actors and directors of movies will use different ways in which to tell a story, and musicians will make use of instruments in their music than their usual instruments.

Visual art has, of course, given humanity many tangible gifts such as paintings, sculptures, and photographic works. However, the most important thing about art is that it tells a story. This is why it is called ‘the speakable’. It tells us something about the artist and his/her feelings, and it is also one of the most important qualities of a successful artist.

Therefore, even in a society where communication is almost totally visual, art still plays an important role, telling a story for example. In some cases, this may seem a simple task, like a simple painting. In other cases, it may be more difficult. But art in general, and the work of art in particular, is the only language we truly understand.

Art also has certain social effects. For example, certain kinds of art, like abstract art or impressionism, have had a significant influence on how we see the world around us. However, some forms of art, such as contemporary art or pop art, are less influenced by the world around us and are often seen as mere means of expression rather than having any significant social influence on us. Therefore, while art is important, it is not necessarily one of the most important things in our lives.

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