Art is a broad spectrum of human activities concerned with visual perception, creative imagination, aesthetic beauty, physical skill, physical strength, emotion, or other human concepts. It includes a broad range of artistic expressions like painting, sculpture, and music. The word ‘art’ actually refers to the sum total of all these different expressions and is not limited to any of them.


The visual arts include motion picture, film, television, and video games. Performance artists are also categorized under this category. The other forms of arts are performing arts like dance, drama, music, visual arts, and visual communication arts like printmaking, cinema, and theatre. In the modern era the most popular and widely used arts are painting, architecture, photographic art, sculpture, and sculpture.

Painting involves the use of paints, inks, and brushes in the creation of art. This can be done on a large scale using large format printers or a small scale by using digital printing equipment. Sculpture is a type of architectural building or a physical structure made of stone and metal. It is generally visible inside of some of its constructions but sculpture can also be created on a much larger scale than on a small scale.

Printmaking is an art form where we can create a physical object by using the available technology. For example, you can print a photograph of a beautiful sunset by using a digital printer. This type of art can be regarded as a form of art, even though the end product is not necessarily an original work. Art reproductions can also be an interesting form of artwork. Sculptural reproductions can add beauty to our places and homes. If you have an elegant looking piece of sculpture at home, you can surely increase its beauty and resale value by mounting it on a wall.

The definition of art is a lot more complex than what people usually assume. This is because art in the most general sense includes all artistic representations that anyone may choose to make either in painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, pottery, etc. So when people say that something is art, they mean that it expresses an emotional response that one has to a certain situation or to a person. And this definition of art excludes works of the other categories such as comedy, drama, motion graphics, audio-visual, film, literature, and music. However, there are still more sub-categories of art that are often ignored by people when they talk about art.

Art is not a matter of opinion or perception, it is an objective definition that requires strict application. In order to understand what is beauty, one must know the different aspects that comprise the definition of beauty itself. Some people say that beauty is the most obvious feature while others disagree. No matter what your personal taste is, there will always be a certain aesthetic level that every person will find appealing.

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