Key Terms in the Study of Art

Art is a broad spectrum of human actions that involve artistic ability, creative thinking, an intention to communicate, physical skill, aesthetic appreciation, or visual perception. Art includes theater, film, and literature as well as many aspects of daily life. The word comes from the Greek words atheia, which means “all” and arthra, which means “a structure”. Some people today use the term to describe a broader range of non-visual arts such as writing and music. However, art continues to have a strong effect on how we experience and view the world around us.


There are a variety of different ways that the art of human condition is expressed through art. There are many definitions and discussions of what it means to be skilled at creating art. These key terms are described below. These are some general descriptions of these broad fields of knowledge and creative expression.

An aesthetic judgment is an evaluation of beauty based on the satisfaction of a need or desire. Beauty is subjective and depends on the observer. Beauty has three basic components: visual beauty, interpersonal beauty, and psychological beauty. Visual beauty refers to the ability to perceive the beauty of a face, form, or whole scene through the eyes.

An attempt to express something with your art may be described by an emotional response. Emotion is the motivation behind the creation of art. The emotions that art may evoke range from admiration to shame, ranging from anger to shame and everything in between. The emotions that art mayrouse are the result of the human condition.

The technical skill of art is concerned with the construction of a particular output. There are many disciplines that fall under this umbrella including technical aspects of painting, print making, drawing, and sculpture. The technical skill of art also includes the interpretation of a visual art work. The beauty of art and the art movements that it inspires are highly subjective factors. However, there are some key terms associated with the visual arts.

Overall, the meaning and value of beauty has been the subject of intense debate throughout history. People have taken different forms and interpretations of beauty. In general, aesthetics makes an attempt to define and classify beauty while at the same time attempting to describe and define what is beautiful. The endeavor to specify and define beauty has been instrumental in defining art throughout the history of mankind.

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