Best Acoustic Guitar for Country Music: Buying Tips

Finding the best acoustic guitar for country music can seem like a full-time job in and of itself. You’ve got to read hundreds of reviews, sift through dozens of forums and have a pretty firm grasp on the kind of sound that you’re looking to get out of your purchase. That’s a tough one because it depends on what kind of player you are and what sound you’re looking for. And then there’s the size of your hands to think about.

It’s totally overwhelming and even if you do manage to research all that information you’ve still got to find the right balance between price-point, quality, style, and your own individual requirements. Without high-quality recommendations, finding a can be a time-consuming process.

Every year hundreds of armatures and semi-pros flock to shops or online outlets trying to find the best acoustic guitar. Our review of the best acoustic guitar is created by experts and aims to provide you with all the tools needed in order to make an informed decision. Choose wisely! We’ve created a resource to help you look at some of the best acoustic guitars to suit your individual tastes and needs.

Best Choice Products 41in Full Size

The Best Choice Products 41in Full-Size Beginner All Wood Cutaway Acoustic Guitar Starter Set is a great choice for beginners as well as kids who want to learn how to play guitar. It includes a 41-inch full-size guitar that has a high-quality wood body, steel strings, and nylon wound strings. The set comes with a free durable black fabric case that will keep your guitar safe from unwanted harm when not in use.

The ideal beginner guitar that provides a fun and stress-free playing.  It is beautifully finished with the appearance of wood grain, full size, cutaway body, 15 frets, all-steel strings, beautiful finish, 6 steel strings, plastic adjustable chord bar, and capo to make it a complete acoustic guitar set. A guitar system to bring out your inner Jerry Garcia.

This 41 in cutaway acoustic instrument features a spruce top, mahogany body and bridge, and a maple neck. String it up with steel strings for some twangy blues or use nylon for a smoother tone. Includes a wooden imitation hard-shell case, an instructional DVD, an electronic tuner, guitar picks, a string winder, and a capo.

The whole package is organized in the stylish faux leather black carrying bag and makes an ideal gift for any age. This acoustic guitar starter set comes with everything you need to get started, including a padded carrying case, guitar strap, capo, extra strings, picks, and a tuner. It’s all wood construction provides a rich sound that resonates beautifully in almost any environment.

You won’t have to worry about where to store it because of its compact size. it comes with a nicely padded case that is really easy to carry around. The bag also has a strap so you can just sling it over your shoulder. I think that’s pretty convenient.

Gretsch Guitars Jim Dandy Flat Top: Solid Body Acoustic Guitar for Country Music


Gretsch Guitars Jim Dandy Flat Top Acoustic Guitar 2-Color Sunburst G1620GD2 is a solid body electric guitar, having the body of laminated spruce and carved maple top. This guitar gives you the thump, twang, and bite ideal for rockabilly, country, blues, surf, and jazz. With its incredible tone and carefully engineered features, the newest addition to the Jim Dandy family will suit your needs.

The guitar embodies a vintage look while still performing on today’s stage. With a laminated spruce top and maple body, it produces a clear, crisp tone ideal for chicken pickin’ and nice for fingerstyle playing as well. It also comes with a small oval-shaped mother of pearl inlays, a rosewood fingerboard, and two Gretsch mini single-coil pickups.

This Gretsch, which has been played by artists including Willie Nelson and Brad Paisley, was named after railroad engineer Jim Dandy. Country music will never be the same again. This iconic collection has the rich, vibrant tone that only a Gretsch® can offer. The best guitar for country music comes in a variety of sizes to suit every musician.

It is the flat top that needs no introduction. Its long-standing history with traditional country, folk, and bluegrass players has won it a loyal following and inspired imitators, while a world of professional pickers has kept this legendary guitar in high demand. The re-introduction of the Jim Dandy four years ago served as an exciting stop on the Gretsch Historical Collection Timeline.

Its chambered body makes it lightweight and comfortable to play all day long, while modern appointments like a “Modern Vintage” FilterTron pickup, Bigsby vibrato tailpiece, and a 12” fingerboard radius make it ready to rock in any style you like.

Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany 3/4-Size: Best Rated Travel Acoustic Guitar

Luna Safari Series Muse Mahogany 3/4-size travel acoustic guitar is made of solid mahogany wood in natural color. The guitar features high-quality sound, a simple and elegant appearance, lovely and comfortable neck, which is easy to hold. This guitar is your most suitable travel companion that you will want to bring it everywhere.

It is the perfect companion for jam sessions or busking on the beach, park, cafe, or wherever your adventure takes you. The combination of a mahogany top, mahogany back and sides, and a live-free satin finish ensure that this guitar will sound great no matter where you play.

The die-cast chrome tuners allow for quick string changes during performances, while the bone nut and saddle allow your strings to ring out clearly and smoothly. Crafted from strong mahogany wood, this guitar produces a clear and loud sound that resonates out into the open air. The guitar has a quick response, making it a great accompaniment instrument to be used in most genres of music.

This travel guitar includes an instructional DVD, a gig bag, and an extra string set. The guitar’s thin body allows it to easily fit into luggage, overhead compartments, and under hotel beds. The slim neck makes learning to play easy for adults and kids alike. It is great for beginners and traveling musicians alike.

Made with much higher quality wood and components than other similarly priced brands, this series will give you a thrilling new musical experience. This superb signature series guitar by Charlie Hunter was named after his lifelong love of vintage instruments and things that fly.

It’s still designed for authentic acoustic sound with a solid spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a rosewood fretboard and bridge.

Recording King 6 String RPS-7-TS Dirty 30’s: Perfect Acoustic Guitar for Country Music

Get country music’s coveted “Dirty 30’s” guitar tone in this Recording King RPS-7-TS guitar. The finish is a classic translucent gloss tobacco sunburst that will shine under any spotlight, and the top of the guitar has a beautiful maple/rosewood laminate on it. Musicians will adore the extra warm tone and resonance that comes with Recording King’s budget-friendly guitars.

The sound of this instrument is so rich, that they don’t need much amplification at all — just plug in the Fishman electronics, turn up to 10, and you’ll be ready to go! The body shape and size are also perfect for acoustic country music. This single-cutaway, dreadnought, arch-top acoustic guitar is made from mahogany wood and has an arched back for optimum tone, output, and volume.

The top is made from laminated spruce and has a genuine bone nut and saddle for optimal intonation across all strings. The same construction as professional models, this dreadnought is designed for optimum volume, tone, and projection. The back and sides are three-piece mahogany, which has proven to be the perfect tonewood for overall balance with sweet overtones.

No matter what genre of music you prefer playing, it is sure to sound great. The material is spruce and the sound is fantastic. Perfect for my purposes, too. I’m not a professional musician or anything, but I love to play the guitar! This one seems very nicely made, with smooth turnings on the tuners so it doesn’t get stuck when tuning.

The pickguard adds old-fashioned panache, while the Resonator model’s full body produces tones that are as rich as the good earth they emerge from. Country music is just another form of music, and it’s great! It’s an awesome guitar! Just what my daughter wanted for Christmas!

Vizcaya 38″ Cutaway Mahogany : Outstanding Beginner Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar

This Vizcaya 38″ Cutaway Mahogany Top Beginner Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar Starter Package Student Guitar with Gig Bag, Strap, Picks, Extra Strings, Electronic Tuner –Mahogany Cutaway Left-Handed is a beautiful guitar that sounds warm with a slightly brighter tone. The guitar is packaged well and comes with the extras you need to get started playing immediately.

The body is crafted from solid mahogany wood and is perfect as your first guitar for beginner students. The neck is then glued into place onto the body of the guitar. Then we hand sand all of our necks to assure there are no rough edges so you don’t get hurt while playing. This acoustic guitar package includes a guitar bag to safely transport your instrument when you’re on the move.

A strap and picks help you achieve pitch-perfect performances in no time. The guitar has a 38″ scale and a mahogany finish for a beautiful look. This beginner guitar also features a built-in electronic tuner so your child can tune it up easily. The Package is great for beginners who are taking lessons or self-teaching themselves.

This guitar is durably built with mahogany sides and paired with die-cast tuners to ensure tuning stability. Guitar-playing has never been easier. The Vizcaya 38″ Cutaway Mahogany Top Beginner acoustic guitar can be set-up to play as a left or right-handed guitar with the included neck reversal form.

It has an easy fret access cutaway body for comfortable access to higher frets and is a good fit for all beginner players of any age, whether adult or child.

Gretsch G9210 Square Neck Boxcar Mahogany Resonator: Amazing Acoustic Guitar

As one of the most important components of many musical genres, an acoustic guitar for country music is a must-have. The Gretsch G9210 Square Neck Boxcar Mahogany Resonator Acoustic Guitar features a solid spruce top and mahogany body designed to produce crisp, clear tones and defining low-end response for that country twang you’ve been looking for.

It is a quality product that is made with high-quality material, which guarantees durability and reliability. This is one of our most popular models with professional musicians, due to the full resonator back design, which offers excellent projection and sustains. A unique series of sound holes on the side of the guitar allows you to very easily play bass notes without learning finger bass technique.

The Gretsch G9210 Square Neck Boxcar Mahogany Resonator Acoustic Guitar is an excellent choice for any player, at a great price point. It is a great acoustic guitar for country music, with a round sound hole and Mahogany back and sides, making this the perfect acoustic guitar for country music. The resonator adds more volume to your acoustic guitar.

The neck is reinforced with die-cast machine heads enabling the use of heavy strings, and a classic Bigsby B60 tremolo tailpiece adds rich depth to your sound. Acoustic guitar for country music, acoustic guitar country music, acoustic guitar for country music 2021, Gretsch G9210 Square Neck Boxcar Mahogany Resonator Acoustic Guitar.

The most well-known artists are likely the ones who have used this type of acoustic guitar. The large resonator backs up the soundbox giving you a louder more powerful sound. It’s also available in a variety of different finishes.

Fender Redondo Classic – California Series: High Quality Acoustic Guitar

Fender Redondo Classic – Hot Rod Red finish with gig bag. The Redondo was first designed as a hybrid between an acoustic dreadnought guitar and a solid body electric. It has since been accepted as the go anywhere, do anything instrument of choice for musicians who require versatility and portability.

This is the result of innovative design work that saw Fender create a guitar that has stood the test of time and is still at the forefront of acoustic guitar design today. It is a great guitar at an affordable price. It has a rounded neck profile to make it easier for you to move up and down the fretboard with ease.

It features a solid spruce top with scalloped bracing and mahogany back and sides, a vintage-style bridge, and nickel open-gear tuners. As with all California Series Prs models, it’s a quality instrument brimming with tone and an excellent everyday guitar. You will enjoy playing this instrument whether playing alone or with others.

The spruce top provides a warm and balanced sound, while the rosewood fingerboard and mahogany body give this guitar a vibrant tone. For musicians of all skill levels, with a little help from Fender, this Redondo Classic is an acoustic that’s ready to be heard. This guitar’s design also includes an attractive flamed maple top to ensure that your sound is heard loud and clear at every performance.

You can read about them in detail and see what they have to offer you. We will also give you detailed information on where to purchase them. The acoustic guitar is easy to play with a very smooth satin finish that allows sound to resonate freely. Included with your purchase are a Hardshell case and an extra set of strings so you’re ready to play when the guitar arrives.

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