Art – What Is It and Why Is It So Unique?


Art – What Is It and Why Is It So Unique?

Art is a broad spectrum of human activities relating to creativity, physical skill, visual sense, beauty, emotion, or technical capability to express specific personal or institutionalized social purpose. It can be viewed as an evolving human culture and it is the embodiment of the spirit of a society. In this light, it can be said that art reflects societal feelings, aspirations, hopes, and fears. In other words, art is what the people want to show themselves to the rest of the world.

The following are some of the major key takeaways that an artist can derive from studying art history. First, the uniqueness of each individual’s art is determined by a personal vision and the personal beliefs and values that the artist holds. An example of this is expressed in a famous quote by Diego Maradona, who once said, “I always try to make my work speak for itself…Art is not a product of the mind. It’s a language of the heart.”

The uniqueness of each painting on the canvas is therefore dependent on the artist’s unique aesthetic judgments and ideas about what is beautiful and what is not. Furthermore, each painting on the wall of the artist’s studio has its own unique aesthetic foundation that is established from the time and effort that go into conceptualizing it and realizing it on the physical canvas. Each piece of art may have a different history and much more to offer than the next.

Conceptual artists, on the other hand, create art without having a clear-cut notion of what is considered to be beautiful or what is to be appreciated as art. More often than not, they rely on their own intuitive and cognitive processes in order to build their artistic visions. For these artists, art is an act of building a mental space and incorporating therein motifs that arise in their daily lives.

Other important distinctions that need to be made between the two categories of artworks are as follows: Abstract art as well as Realism art depend solely on their aesthetic properties; Conceptual art relies only on its conceptual interpretations. These are but some basic distinctions that can be understood and brought under the light so that the general public can appreciate the richness of art. Artists who express themselves through their artworks to contribute to the richness of culture by making these works available for everyone to enjoy and participate in.

What is art? What is the difference between conceptual art and Realism art? What are the key points that differentiate one from the other? These are but some of the key points that you need to learn about and acquaint yourself with if you want to hone your personal aesthetic judgment and appreciation.

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