Art is the collective expression of people’s visual senses, which includes their creative ability to design and create a tangible work of art. There are various fields in which people can study to pursue their art career. These fields include art education, art history, art appreciation, art research, and visual communications.


Art history refers to the study of art from different historical periods. The topics covered include art production and social changes during specific periods. It includes the rise and fall of famous artists, the cultural significance of art and its significance in architecture, and its influence on art movements. It also covers the evolution of technology and how it has influenced art creation.

Art appreciation deals with the evaluation of art products including paintings, sculptures, and photographic works. This can be done by looking at the artistic content, its importance and value as a work of art, and its uniqueness. Art researchers look for the connection between art and psychology. They apply different methods and theories to evaluate the relationship between art and psychology. This involves the study of art as a human visual system and a cultural phenomenon.

Art research is a field that is related to art history but has its own distinct characteristics. This field is concerned with the study of art, and its origins, its development, and its effects on society. Art history students conduct original research and collect samples to prove their claims. They also analyze art from a scientific point of view using various methods and instruments. Art research students learn different types of art including art history, theater art, and art conservation.

Visual communications refers to the application of art in communication settings such as arts and design, visual communication, and multimedia art. Art graduates often take up these courses because they offer a unique perspective on the world. Many visual communication courses include multimedia elements.

In the field of Visual and Performing Arts, students develop skills that will prepare them for careers involving the visual arts. Different art degrees programs emphasize different branches of this field. The programs offered by art schools are ideal for creative art lovers who wish to break into the art scene or established artists who wish to take their work to an even higher level.

An art history degree program prepares art history students for careers in museums, galleries, and private collections. Art collectors, curators, and museum directors need people with a strong knowledge of art history. The student learns about different types of art and its valuation. In fact, art history majors often go on to become museum curators, teaching art history or design at colleges or universities. Others choose to pursue careers in advertising, writing, art publishing, architecture, or sculpture.

There are a number of different art degrees available. A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for an art major. Students can go on to earn a Master’s degree which requires a more specialized track. Students may choose to continue on to a PhD as well. Different concentrations within the field of art are available, so students need to be sure they are interested in the particular area they plan to pursue their studies.

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