Art is an ever-evolving body of work. It is defined as the creative application of visual art and/or artistic creations to the environment, with varying degrees of significance and intent. Art includes a diversity of artistic genres including printmaking, drawing, photography, film, and sculpture. Art typically has significant social, psychological, and aesthetic content. The evolution of art has been attributed to historical, cultural, and political factors.


“Art is the process of making something beautiful which enables you to admire and appreciate it.” -jacques-louis david | artists consider | beauty} The word “art” can refer to any of the genres of visual art. It includes visual representations of things conceived or created by a human being. This includes art found in a painting, picture, or photograph. It can also include art that is produced by machines such as ceramics, glass, metal, and wood. Most people consider artistic beauty as being that which meets the eye rather than that which is seen.

Some of the most widely recognized art forms include paintings, sculptures, music, and video. Paintings are created by a human using various tools such as a brush, paint, and other mediums. Sculptures are made from actual material such as rock, concrete, fiberglass, stone, or clay. Music is expressed through song, sound, or music notation. Video is generally considered the most recent art form, and it usually employs visual images such as movies, television shows, or computer graphics.

A definition of art as a visual art would include any work of visual art that has substantial meaning or value. Examples of visual art would include art paintings, photographic works, sculptures, and building. However, when discussing art, it should be noted that some types of art are commonly categorized into more than one category. For instance, cartoons, films, and comic books are all considered to be art, but each of these genres can be further subcategorized into interior art, literature, and art movements.

The field of art is very diverse with new styles and genres continually appearing. Many different industries, academic fields, and even countries make use of visual arts in their daily lives. In the United States alone, millions of dollars are spent every year by individuals looking to express themselves artistically. Today, many young people are making a living creating art pieces that are sold for significant sums of money. There are also career opportunities for contemporary fine artists in the field of architecture, fashion design, film production, and television production.

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